Have You Been Charged With a DWI or DUI?

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DWI charges are very serious and can cause major problems in your life. From license revocation to jail time, one charge can change your life. Turn to the Law Office of James C. Davis when you need a DWI attorney.

No matter the circumstances, attorney Davis can defend your name in court. He'll look at the facts and put you in the best light possible, potentially getting your charges reduced or dropped.

Hire an experienced DUI attorney to stand up for you. Contact us today to discuss your situation. Attorney Davis serves Albany, NY and surrounding region.

Turn to a traffic ticket lawyer for any vehicle crime

Turn to a traffic ticket lawyer for any vehicle crime

While attorney Davis can serve as your DUI attorney, he has extensive experience in all areas of vehicular law. From traffic violations to drug trafficking, he can defend you against the charges.

Work with a local DWI attorney to protect your rights. Connect with us today to schedule a consultation in Albany, NY.